In the interest of protecting our Cadets, the Navy League of Canada has established a Volunteer Screening Program, in conjunction with our partner, the Canadian Forces. All information collected for this program will be kept confidential. If you have any questions about our Volunteer Screening Program, please call the National Office at: 1–800–375–6289 or visit The Navy League of Canada | Volunteer

Who has to fill out this form?
Any person (prospective employee, member or volunteer) who will have, or may have, direct contact with Navy League Cadets or Sea Cadets. There are two exceptions:
  1. Volunteers who occasionally drive cadets to and from organized activities do not need to be screened. The Navy League has incorporated a Driver’s Log that records basic information and provides specific safety instructions for Drivers and Cadets.
  2. Volunteers seeking to renew their screening status should complete form NL(302)E.

What supporting documents do you require?
To complete your application, we will require:

  1. A Canadian Police Records Check (PRC) with the Vulnerability Sector Screening (VSS)
  2. Photocopies of two pieces of official identification, one of which must include a photo
  3. One recent photograph (taken within the last 3 months) of yourself.

What happens to this information?
Branches and Divisions may keep a copy of the first page only. The completed application will be archived at the National Office. After five years, you must renew your screening. Basic tracking information is recorded on our secure Volunteer Screening Database. Your name may be shared with other youth organizations, but only for the purpose of volunteer screening. Your name and address will not be distributed to any third party for commercial or unauthorized usage.

Section 1 - Personal Information
Section 2 - Historic Information
Section 3 - Where did you hear about the Navy League Cadet program?
Section 4 - Previous Experience
Section 5 - References (Individuals listed should be professional references.)

================ The following section will need to be signed after this form is submitted and printed ================

Section 6 - Waivers

I, the undersigned, agree that all information contained within this application is factual and been completed to the best of my ability. I permit The Navy League of Canada, or its agents, to interview any of the contacts listed in my application. I also understand that The Navy League of Canada reserves the right to accept or decline my services for any reason, except for those prohibited by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. If accepted as a Navy League Volunteer, I recognize the safety and well being of cadets as my foremost responsibility. I hereby agree that I will immediately advise the Navy League of Canada, after the signing of this form, if I am charged with an offence.

I have received and reviewed the NL 22 - Harassment, Workplace Violence and Child Abuse Prevention Policies
Branch Recommendation Division Recommendation
Identification Check (photocopies enclosed)
PRC/Criminal Check Verified
Photograph obtained
Personal Interview completed
Reference Checks completed
Recommended Not Recommended
Application Complete
Interview with Branch Screening Coordinator
Other Cadet Leagues Confirmed
Recommended Not Recommended