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PCS VOLUNTEER application form (Mississauga/Brampton/Caledon)

Do you want to make a difference in the community? Volunteers are central to the operation of the Peel Crime Stoppers(PCS) . PCS is a Civilian lead community charity to enable anonymous tip processing in partnership with Police and Media for Peel safety. Our vision is to see community strengthened in collaboration with a deep sense of collective responsibility to to create a Peel where we can freely live, work and play. We are community-first membership of volunteers promoting safety, partnerships and programs for the well-being of our residents.
Our success is attributed to our kind partners and dedicated work of our reliable volunteers, who support community events to bring awareness for community safety.We are seeking passionate volunteers, who are able to make a commitment of approx.1-2 years of active service, with a expectation to volunteer 5 hours per month.Every Sunday, from June-October, Peel Crime Stoppers partners with the Lions Farmers Market and serves in Mississauga, (Location: at 4190 Shipp Drive, Mississauga, ON, L4Z2Y8).


This code sets out the duties for each volunteer. Our volunteers affirm their endorsement of the code and acknowledge their commitment to uphold its principles and obligations by accepting their volunteer term of service. At the beginning of a new term of service, PCS volunteers must sign a statement that they have received and read the code of conduct and accompanying policies.
PCS volunteers whose conduct does not conform to the code may be subject to the procedures deemed appropriate and imposed by the Director, Membership and Operations, the Executive Director, and/or may be referred to the Committee on Professional Conduct where warranted.
PCS volunteers will, at all times, abide by and conform to the following code of conduct and principles.
PCS volunteers are expected to volunteer two shifts per month from June-October (shifts are usually 4-5 hours) to be dubbed as active volunteers.
Please note PCS volunteers are held to a high standard and stewardship is viewed by the community and leadership team. Volunteers are accountable for scheduling for volunteerism through a self portal, which is managed by the leadership team. Should a volunteer be able to not attend an event signed up for, it is expected an adequate written notice (24 hours prior to shift) be provided to the leadership team to ensure alternative arrangements can be made in a timely manner and not effect the operational effectiveness. It is important to note, being a volunteer with PCS is not automatic. Being an active volunteer is paramount, should a volunteer act contrary to the aforementioned, will be subject to termination.


1. Each volunteer must act in good faith with honesty, dignity, and integrity.
2. Each volunteer shall conduct the business affairs of the PCS with due diligence and reasonable competence and shall take no action that could bring PCS and/or the organization into disrepute.
3. Each volunteer must contribute to an environment of respect, cooperation, and collegiality. No volunteer should unduly disrupt one’s council/committee/task force from operating in an efficient and effective manner. Each volunteer must treat peers, board members, staff, other persons, and stakeholders with courtesy, allow them to express their views, and respect opinions. Where volunteers disagree on an issue, this disagreement should be resolved with a high standard of civility and accountability
4. If there are situations where expectation levels can not be met, clear, responsible communication should be delivered in a timely manner to support event continuity and membership.
5. Participation & communication levels will be reviewed regularly by lead members to ensure consistent quality and effectiveness of their roles. Advance notification will be provided for members to adjust behaviors for review before subjected to termination from PCS.
6. Each volunteer will act as a brand ambassador and will require appropriate brand representation (such as PCS branded T-shirt, Hat, Etc.) at community events. PCS branded gear attire should only be worn within associated PCS events and will need to be returned once the volunteer commitment is expired/relinquished. This attire will be returned in good condition, freshly washed to the requested location for full deposit fee credit.


7. While serving as a PCS volunteer, the individual may be provided with or may become aware of certain personal and confidential information, such as trade secrets and proprietary data of organizations, including but not limited to other organizations (collectively referred to hereinafter as “Confidential Information”). Any questions as to whether certain information qualifies as Confidential Information should be referred to the chair of the relevant council/committee/task force.
8. Except as the council/committee/task force may otherwise require or as otherwise required by law, no volunteer shall share, copy, reproduce, transmit, divulge, or otherwise disclose any Confidential Information related to the affairs of PCS.
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