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Section 2 - Roles Roles below in drop down menu are urgently needed. Please tell us your 1st choice & if you’re willing to do a 2nd or 3rd role. NOTE: If none of these interest you, skip to the additional roles listed below and indicate your choice. Please take note of days and times listed with each role

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Section 3 - Availablity Your availability should only be selected based on the roles chosen. If multiple roles are selected, please select any time you are available to volunteer, based on the roles
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Section 8 - ReferencesReferences must be provided - 2 please. Do not use relatives.
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Information collected on this authorized form complies with the Privacy Act and Personal Health Information Protection Act. SCHC collects information to assist with program planning, improvement of services, and research. This information is confidential and shall not be used for purposes other than those for which it was collected, nor shall any identifying information be sent externally, except with your expressed consent or as required by law. We encourage you to discuss any questions you may have with one of our staff. By checking the box above you are verifying that the information provided is true and complete. You give us permission to obtain personal information from your listed references. False statements and omissions are grounds to terminate the volunteer role. I agree to follow SCHC policies & procedures. Failure to do so will result in termination of the volunteer role.
Section 10 - For Hospice Home Visiting, Friendly Visiting, Bereavement Care & Caregiver Support roles

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