In the interest of protecting our Cadets, the Army Cadet League of Canada has established a
Volunteer Screening Program, in conjunction with our partner, the Department of National Defence.

All information collected for this program will be kept confidential.

Who has to fill out the form?
Any person who wishes to volunteer with a cadet corps, Support Committee and/or The Army Cadet League of Canada.

Members of the Cadet Instructor Cadre and Cadet Organization Administration & Training Service are screened in accordance with military regulations and procedures.

For more information, refer to ACLC Policy No. 10.1 here:

Section 1 - Contact Information
Section 2 - Historic Information
Section 3 - Previous Military Service

Section 4 - References (Individuals listed should be professional references.)

================ The following section will need to be signed after this form is submitted and printed ================

Section 5 - Personal Declaration
I, the undersigned, agree that all infromation contained within this application is factual and been completed to the best of my ability. I permit The Army Cadet League of Canada, or its agents, to interview any of the contacts listed in my application. I understand when acting as a Volunteer for the Army Cadet League of Canada I will not be entitled to any remuneration.
Support Committee Check List Branch Check List
Identification Check (photocopies enclosed)
PRC/VSS obtained
Photograph obtained
Personal Interview completed
Reference Checks completed
Prior CF Service documents obtained
Recommended Not Recommended
Application Complete
Recommended Not Recommended